Middle East

Iran Highlights and Nomads 409-1

A journey to the history with a break to visit Ghashgahee nomads, with their pure, rich and amazing culture and life style


With a high contrast of culture, history, archaeology and nature, it’s guaranteed that everybody will be shocked of their different images before and after the trip to this fantastic country. A research shows that almost all of the visitors of Iran, fall in love with this country, especially because of the friendliest and hospitable people of the world (according to the passengers’ reviews). The strategic and classic link between East (Asia) and West (Europe) since thousands of years and covering a long piece of “Silk Road”, it has many attractions to offer all over the land.

UNESCO World Heritage sites such as “Naghsh-e Jahan” Square with astonishing and colorful historical buildings; “Persepolis”, the capital of ancient “Persian Empire”; “Yazd” old town, the world largest live adobe (sun-dried bricks) city in the world, one of Iranian cities that is visited by Marco Polo; “Chogha Zanbil” Pyramid temple, dating back to more than 3200 years ago, and magnificent eastern bazaars (or better to say, “Persian Covered Bazaars”, because of their typical architectures), all of them with many more attractions invite you to visit them and be impressed.

Nature-lovers also have many things to see. Vast deserts with their mysterious atmosphere and adventurous activities; rich rainforests facing the “Caspian Sea”, the world’s largest lake; long white-sand beaches in Kish Island in the heart of “Persian Gulf”; mountains like “Damavand Summit” as highest volcano in all of Asia and 5th in the world (by elevation) and also 12th highest mount in the world and rich flora & fauna in a 4-seasons country, are some of the natural attractions to be discovered by you.

You will wonder how you wouldn’t had visited this country before.

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