Caravan Hotel

Caravan hotel is a rest place for everyone who wants to

stay a week in the one of the most beautiful ancient cities

in the world.

This hotel contains 33 suites. The 33 suites are all

spaciously and stulishly designed each with its own private

balcony with splendid views on the very beautiful desert

with sky full of stars.

You can reach city center within 10 minutes and the Yazd

airport can be reached by car within 5 minutes.

*Tour on the historical and traditional places in the city

with experienced leaders who are prevailing in English.

*A very beautiful and comforting and private garden for

taking a walk on.

Mehr Traditional Hotel

Mehr traditional hotel has been built in historical brick building named Yazdi Zargar House. The building was built in the Qajar period and 250 years ago and was owned by the family named Zargar Yazdi and old Iranian trader who worked in jewelry industry.It is the first and only Iranian hotel receiving Honor Prize from UNESCO and second Iranian hotel getting quality certificate from SGS institute. The hotel building which the first traditional large hotel in Yazd consists of two main courtyard and orangery, a great wind-catcher, great hall, active and beautiful cellar, porch,scenic roof overlooking to historical context of Yazd with unique landscape, and has been registered as historical monument of Iran. Mehr traditional hotel with 23 rooms and 60 beds, is open to tourists. The central courtyard as a traditional restaurant offering Iranian and foreign food is fully prepared for celebrations, weddings, birthdays, and various seminars.

Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel

A five-star hotel in one of the nice climate of Yazd districts with easy access to the city center and the interesting places of Yazd named Yazd Safaieh Hotel is ready to receive the travelers and tourists of Yazd with its modern facilities. Yazd Parsian Safaieh Hotel is consisted of two parts namely New Hotel and Garden Hotel. Safaieh Garden Hotel has many years of experience in receiving guests and it can be named the best hotel of Yazd.

Kolah Farangi Coffee Shop, Chohar Sugh Resturant, handicraft store, conference hall, green space, taxi service, wireless Internet, store and safety box are part of facilities and services of Yazd Safaieh Hotel.

Accommodation for children above three years old will be the same as an adult according to the rules of this hotel. Breakfast is among free services of Yazd Safaieh Hotel.


Malek-o Tojjar Hotel

The monument belonged to Malek al- Tojjar family of Yazd now is a luxurious five-star hotel named Yazd Malek al-Tojjar Hotel with the preservation of its historic originality. This hotel receives the guests and travelers of Yazd with complete facilities in a beautiful environment reminding the history of Iran.

The indoor decorations of this building are one of the masterpieces of Qajar Period. The traditional hotel of Malek al-Tojjar in Yazd is a unique hotel due to its Yazd original architecture and closeness to the city center and bazaar. The painter of its decorations is an artist from Shiraz. Therefore, its decorations are stylistically similar to Narenjestan in Shiraz.

Dad Hotel

Dad hotel dates back to nearly a century ago as the legacy of an ambitious man, Haj Abdolkhalegh Dad who created this site in 1928. The site used to be an inn and transportation establishment for nearly 80 years and was fully renovated in 2007 with the effort of his son, Haj Mohammad Hassan Dad and his children and grandchildren to become an international 4 star hotel.

Our guests can dine to a traditional Iranian/International restaurant or a roof restaurant and Café with an eye-catching and panoramic view of beautiful and rustic city of Yazd.

The valuable water in the land of moving sands is used in our indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi in the area covered with pleasant and comforting tile work. In addition, we offer a variety of spa and massage services in our health center by appointment.

Present yourself the souvenir of blissful nights in Dad hotel rooms. To create the most traditional feel, every aspect of our rooms is designed with the history of thousands years in mind. The hotel provides different types of rooms including standard single, double, triple, family and VIP rooms. Each elegantly decorated room features on-suite bathroom, air conditioning, free internet connection, mini-bar and satellite TV.

Dad hotel provides multiple saloons for ceremonies, weddings, celebrations, meetings, and seminars which can be tailored to your requirements.


Fahadan Museum Hotel

The 4-star Fahadan Museum Hotel used to be an old mansion in Yazd. First of all it is considered an architectural gem. It is over a century and a half old. Therefore, most believe that this expensive hotel is worth it. It is located in the middle of town on a quiet alley. It is on the opposite of Eskandar Prison, Fahadan. If you are in Yazd to study history, staying at the Fahadan Museum Hotel is highly recommended. The best part about this hotel is that you can actually walk to the village of Fahadan. Most tourists would agree that this is the best hotel in this area.

There are thirty especially relevant rooms available at the Fahadan Museum Hotel in Yazd. There are single, double and triple rooms. Enjoy a most noteworthy complimentary fresh breakfast buffet every morning. There is air conditioning in each room, a refrigerator and a bathroom as well. There is wireless internet as well. Every room has different interior design as the rest. There is also a gym where you can catch up on fitness goals. Enjoy a cup of coffee at the traditional coffee shop in Fahadan Museum Hotel. Lounge around in the lobby where there is internet stations as well. Free parking is available for guests.

Around the Fahadan Museum Hotel are fantastic tour spots that are just a few minutes away. This is probably the best hotel for a vacation in Yazd. It is also great for business. The new facilities thus combined with old traditional architecture are truly magnificent. Make reservations early to ensure a room. Online booking is also available. From the hotel it is hence just twenty minutes to the Yazd airport. It is also just a few minutes to Shir Kooh, Lariha House and Eskandar Prison. You can thus go ahead and catch up on some sleep while the rest of the family tour the attractions. Also nearby is the Mir Chakhmaq Squar and the Shir Kooh.

Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel

Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel with 13000 sq-m area is the first Iranian garden hotel with completely traditional architecture equipped with all welfare facilities is located in the old place of Moshir Garden remained from the Qajar Era. The hotel is located in one of entering streets of the city and has a good access to all parts of the city. The eye-catching area of Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel has made the Iranian original architecture of this garden hotel one of the tourist attractions of Yazd City.

When guests enter the rooms they are caught by ceilings, furniture and equipments which are decorated and provided based on traditional Iranian forms and they will feel a calm and delightful sense in their heart. Three single rooms; 16 double rooms; 62 twin rooms; four triple rooms and seven suits and various combinations in order to meet the guests’ demands with different tastes.


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