Kish Island

Shayan Hotel

Shayan Hotel is one of the largest and the best five-star hotels in Kish established facing the largest recreational jetty of Kish. This hotel is constructed in an area of 55 thousand square meters and it provides easy and instant access to the shopping centers and interesting places of Kish and the airport. This hotel has 195 rooms and joined Pars Hotels and from that time it is recognized as Kish Pars Shayan Hotel.
Refrigerator, TV, suit, restaurant, Internet, European toilet, Iranian toilet, parking, transportation, worship place, lobby, satellite receiver, coffee shop, etc. can be mentioned among the facilities of this hotel.

Special facilities in Kish Shayan Hotel are considered including:
–    Free accommodation for children under 5 years old
–    Airport two-way transfer and one-way market transfer
–     Wireless Internet
–    Shayan nightly celebration every night from 12:30 a.m. to 3 a.m.
–    Billiard hall
–    French restaurant
–    Shambalir restaurant
–    Traditional restaurant of Bakhe Behesht
–    Coffee shop and fast food
–    Open pool
–    Green space
–    Best geographical position in the island
The in-room facilities of this hotel include refrigerator with mini bar, in-bath hairdryer, telephone, air conditioning, Internet access, satellite TV and exclusive safety box. Kish Shayan Hotel is the oldest and the most memorable hotel in Kish Island.
Free services of Shayan Hotel include breakfast and transfer.

Dariush Grand Hotel

Dariush Grand Hotel truly is a symbol of culture and ancient history of great Iran. This five-star beautiful and modern hotel as a historical symbol of Iran with its unique architect has manifested the magnificence of dear Iranians culture and civilization.
This hotel inspired by Persepolis symbolically manifests pride and honor of ancient Iran in Achaemenian period. The construction capital of Kish Dariush Hotel has foreign origin and it has worldwide quality and experience with its 30 years of foreign hotel experience in Canary Islands.

Facilities and services of Kish Dariush Hotel include tennis court located in the north rib behind the main building of the hotel, cycling located in the north rib behind the main building of the hotel, Thai massage, body-building hall, ping pong, boating located in the lake of the north rib behind the main building of the hotel, pedal and paddle boats, touristic services including classic show, visiting birds garden, dolphins park, recreational ship, difference concerts, water sports and recreational tour round the island.
With your reservation in Kish Dariush Hotel, you will experience memorable accommodation along with indescribable feeling of Iran’s magnificence. If you want luxurious accommodation in Kish, we recommend Dariush Hotel.
Free facilities of this hotel include breakfast, transfer and pool.

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