Negarestan Hotel

Negarestan Hotel close to Fin Garden of Kashan is one of the best accommodation places for the travelers of Kashan. All the rooms of this hotel are facing Fin Garden. They also provide the guests of Kashan with a beautiful landscape of Kashan. Some suits of the hotel have open and unique balconies facing Fin Garden that provide benefitting the beautiful nature and climate of Kashan.

Negarestan hotels Firoze restaurant with all kinds of Iranian and foreign foods with the capacity of 200 guests‌ welcome input on travelers do get vaccinations and respectable applicants. The variety and quality of bake extraordinary Iranian and foreign foods with varied palate Iranians in this atmosphere of distinguishing with unforgettable memories for you. Meals served in a extraordinary atmosphere with a spectacular view would be unforgettable .restaurant salad bar includes appetizer and diverse types of salads this would give moments to be delightful.

Mahinestan Raheb

Mahinestan Raheb  historical house that bought and repaired by Mr. Raheb and his wife Mrs. Madani and after that, lunched this valuable and rich building to hotel use, with vision to introduce the culture and civilization of Kashan and creating a way to reception the domestic and foreign guests in Kashan. This house with Ghajar precedence, is one of the unique house of Kashan which is originally the ancestral house of Mrs. Madani and now it’s proud to serve the dear tourists with 14 room capacity and 35 bed and having some Auxiliary facilities such as restaurant, coffee shop and library.

Negin Traditional Hotel


Negin has 33 rooms, accommodating up to 80 guests. Free wifi is available throughout the complex and rooms are equipped with HVAC, TV, comfortable beds and full western style bathrooms. Bedding is cleaned and changed daily.

Hotel is located 5 minutes far from Old Bazar and 20 minutes far from Historical Houses.

Parking is open spaced and your vehicle is under our multiple camera surveillance on a 24 hr basis.

​Negin Hotel management is apologizing in advance for not being able to accept children under 8 years for their own safety.

Saraye Ameriha Hotel

Saraye Ameriha Hotel or Ameri houses one of the historical houses in Kashan an area of 12,000 meters and is one of the oldest parts of the outer and inner courtyard is accordingly Ameri house of great extent as an area of nearly 9 thousand square meters is that despite wide basis, to coordinate and account was created.
Saraye Ameriha Hotel historic home set on a few separate houses adjacent and connected with each other are formed with an area of ​​about 9,000 square meters, including 85 rooms and 3 inside and outside, house with a 5-central courtyard and to If diverse indoors one Kashan is the oldest historic houses. The complex dates back to the Zand period is concerned, in 1374, repairing exterior and interior courtyard Kashan was launched in 1379 by the cultural heritage of the country’s cultural heritage was Pardisan Ameri in the design and planning, which to a large guesthouse It has become obvious tourist Grdd.vyzhgy, being both large courtyard and the sumptuous decoration of the house and has the tallest tower in the vents Fzahav homes are Kashan. Ameri historic home in terms of history and architecture, the historic house in Kashan older and more diverse. This historic house as a unique residential complex on 26 June 1393 has

Saraye Ameriha Hotel historic house has a few separate houses adjacent and connected with each other which was built in area of about 9,000 square meters, including 85 rooms and 3 houses with five central courtyard in the form of inside and outside. It is one of th oldest Kshan historic houses with several indoor area. The complex oldness is backed to the Zand dynasty. In 1374, repairing exterior and interior courtyard was started by Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization. In 1379, this house is set in Pardisan plan by Cultural Heritage Organization, it is planned that this house should be changed to large guest and tourist house. The most outstanding characteristic of this house is its extent of two yards and also sumptuous spaces and decoration and it has the tallest air vent tower between other houses’ air vent. Ameriha historic house is oldest and most different houses between other houses in Kashan in terms of history and architecture. This historic house was reopened as a unique residential complex on 26 Khordad 1393.

Manouchehri Traditional Hotel

Manouchehri Traditional Hotel is a boutique hotel situated in Kashan’s historic residential neighborhood, a gold mine of traditional Persian architecture and craftsmanship. Nurtured by a passion for design and a profound respect for history, this private residence has been brought back to life with the highest standards of historic preservation and the latest in modern amenities.

Eight private guest rooms with unique architectural details surround a peaceful courtyard that features a reflecting pool flanked by gardens bearing local fruit. Guests are welcomed with a refreshment in the elegant lobby outfitted with traditional Iranian furnishings and showcasing an art gallery in the atrium above.

A beautiful dining room serves complimentary breakfast as well as local fare for lunch and dinner. A state-of-the-art subterranean movie theatre, converted from the original basement cistern, and wifi Internet service throughout, highlight the harmonious balance of old and new. A spacious textile workshop featuring looms for velvet and brocade weaving support the revival of traditional arts of the region. These rare and precious textiles are available for purchase in the hotel’s gift shop, which presents a multitude of objects from Iranian artisans and craftsmen.

Through consistent dedication and passionate teamwork, the Manouchehri House has become a beacon of cultural and historical restoration and a rare gem in the landscape of luxury accommodations.

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