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  • Menar Jonban (Shaking Minarets), or Menar-e-jomban, is a manument located in Isfahan, in central Iran. Construction began in 14th century […]

  • Vank Cathedral served as the centerpiece of the Armenian Georgian community of Esfahan. The Armenians became an influential minority in […]

  • Naqsh-e Jahan Square  (Design of the world) officially known as Imam Square, situated at the center of Isfahan city, Iran. […]

  • Golestan Palace (Rose Garden) citadel is one of mainly visited places in Tehran, which was the Qajars’ royal residence, and […]

  • An important political and religious centre that predates Tehran, Shahr-e Rey lies just to the south of the capital, and […]

  • has been the longstanding symbol of Tehran. It was constructed to commemorate the 2,500th anniversary of the Persian empire, combines […]

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