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  • Tour Theme

    There are different themes in our tours and some of tours consist of more than one theme. Most common themes on our tours are Cultural, Historical, Nature & Adventure and Pilgrimage. You can select more than one theme while using our “Search in Tours” feature on “All Tours” page.

  • 1. Free & Easy (F&E)

    There is not much pre-planned activities on F&E tours, hence you can either use our potential optional programs or do planning yourself, eat where you want and what you like. It’s for those who like Exceptional Value, Flexibility and huge Free Time to plan at the spot and do whatever they like most, while following our professionally planned route. On F&E tours we offer simple and clean accommodation and standard class & sometimes public transportation.

  • 2. Comfort

    This is something between F&E class and our next class called Inclusive. That means while providing essential activities and programs, comfort and mid-class accommodation and transportation (maybe also public transportation on some tours) and mostly half board meal plan, it gives you some free time to plan them on your own.

  • 3. Inclusive

    : If you like hassle-free and pre-planned tour activities and programs, and like everything to be clear and fixed prior to travel and if you most value your comfort, this is your style.

Each tour as a physical activity has physical difficulty grade. We specified this grade with color blocks from 1 (easiest) to 5 (most difficult) for your easier tour selection based on your desired difficulty level.

Grade 1: suitable for everybody except those using a wheelchair and such difficult-to-carry aiding tools. Such tours have minimum walking and on-foot activities.

Grade 2: suitable for everybody with ability to walk at least 2 hour per day and be on foot at least 5 hours daily.

Grade 3: Needs 3-4 hours walking and 6-7 hours on-foot per day and/or 1-2 hours hiking

Grade 4: Needs 5-6 hours walking per day and/or 8-9 hours on foot and/or 3-5 hours hiking

Grade 5: Suitable for those with high physical fit & preparation with heavy physical activities such as over 5 hours hiking, climbing and hard-adventure activities.

Culture, as the most attractive aspect of Iran tourism, plays a vital role in categorizing tours. As a result of diverse ethnical groups in Iran, and ancient civilization, there are some small and a lot of huge cultural differences between Iran and other countries especially US and Europeans. So we categorized tours based on this difference between Host and Guest societies as follows:

Grade 1: Most days on large urban areas with small cultural differences

Grade 2: Most days of tour is on large and mid-size urban areas with few cultural differences

Grade 3: Most days of tours is on large and mid-size cities and small towns and possible rural & nomadic areas with some cultural differences

Grade 4: Some days on rural and nomadic areas with high cultural differences

Grade 5: Most days on rural and nomadic areas with possible cultural shocks

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