Yazd is one of your destination that you will be amazed by its history and attractions. The city was Zoroastrian centre during Sassanids and even after Arab invasion this land allowed Zoroastrian to remain in this region due to its desert remote location. The location of this land also was another reason to be secured to large battles such as Mongol invasion.

This noble city is an important centre of Persian architecture. The mud-brick old town has one of the largest network of Qanats in the world. The other impressive persian architecture element is the ancient efficient natural air conditioning. The forest of windcathers (Baadgir) on the roofs are designed to catch even the lightest breeze from different directions and direct it to the rooms below. Yazd is known for its silk and fine fabrics. In 13th century Marco Polo passed through the city and describe it as a very fine and splendid city and a centre of commerce.

Since the city was a centre of Zoroastrian, you can explore and visit  the Zoroastrian sites in this city such as tower of silence and fire temples.


Area:845 km2

Population: 1,074,428 (2011)

Elevation: 1,216 m (3,990 ft)

Time zone: IRDT (UTC+4:30)

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