Tehran is a wonderfully diverse and vast city with pleasant parks scattered around it. While, the southern part offers historic monuments, the northern the city spreading up into Alborz foothills and made it a perfect place for an evening walking or a weekend hiking. To experience the real Tehran go beyond the museums and get into the cafes and traditional tearooms. The city is the most dynamic and liberal city in Iran.

Tehran became the capital city of Qajar Dynasty in 1795. In 1867, inspired by urban planning in St. Petersburg and the work of Hassmann in Paris and Shah Naser al-din ordered the French military engineer general Buhler to tear down the city walls, fill in the defensive ditches to form thoroughfares wide enough for European style carriage. The population of the city grows substantially from 210,000 in 1920 to 12 million in 2011. Currently  accounts for more than half of the country’s economic activity and is set to grow further and more people from the villages are moving to Tehran seeking of employment.

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