Khorramabad is a city in and capital of Lorestan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 328,544, in 75,945 families. Khorramabad is situated in the Zagros Mountains. Khorramabad Airport is 3 km south of the city prope

Khaydalu was one of the important cities of Elam Civilization.City of Shapurkhast was built on the ruins of Khaydalu on the orders of Shapur I Sasanid.Many experts believes that the ancient city of Khaydalu was the core of current Khorramabad city.


In the texts of historians Shapurkhast has been considered one of the most important and development cities of the region during this period.Falak-ol-Aflak castle ( Dež-e Shāpūr-Khwāst) has been built by Shapur I the Sasanid.

Islamic era

Probably in the late seventh century AD Shapurkhast city destroyed and people of Shapurkhast moved to west part of Falak-ol-aflak castle in terms of having plenty of water as well as safety.

Hamdallah Mustawfi Writes: Khorramabad was a beautiful city, now is destroyed.


The founder of dynasty was Abu Tahir ibn Muhammad, an descendant of the Shabankara chieftain Fadluya, who was initially a commander of the Salghurids of Fars and was appointed as the governor of Kuhgiluya, but eventually gained independence in Luristan and extended his realm as far as Isfahan and assumed the prestigious title of atabeg.

Safavid dynasty

During Safavid dynasty Khorramabad was governmental center of Luristan.

Khorramabad city –

Qajar dynasty

In this periods Khorramabad city was limited to neighboring of Falak-ol-aflak castle.This period was beginning of people migration from small villages to the Khorramabad city.migrations in addition to increasing population, expanded city and created new districts.

Pahlavi dynasty

Khorramabad municipal was formed in 1913 and first city council consists of 7 members was formed in 1916

Weather: 1°C, Wind SE at 11 km/h, 75% Humidity

Population: 348,216 (2011) UNdata
Local time: Monday 8:38 AM
Province: Lorestan Province
Number of airports: 1

University: Lorestan University of Medical Sciences

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