Isfahan is one of the most popular tourist destination in Iran. The impressive tree-line boulevards, magnificent buildings and Persian gardens has made it a unique city amongst other Iranian cities. Isfahan is known as half the world and some might rank the city as one of the rarest cities around the world such as Rome and Athen.The walled city of Isfahan is home to many mosques and beautiful wealthy houses.

Isfahan’s Persian gardens, Meidan-e-Imam and Masjed-e Jame are amongst the Unesco world heritage lists.

Isfahan was Seljuks dynasty’s capital in 1047 and during this time the city benefited from impressive geometric style of architecture. Sadly, like many other cities in Iran it was invaded by Mongols. The glorious Safavid king, Shah Abbas the Great in 1598 made Isfahan his capital, and a large-scale building programme transformed it into Iran’s most beautiful city, home to his court, the royal artist’s workshop and a centre of luxury Persian carpet production. During this period Isfahan became a cultural crossroads and luxury Persian silk was exchanged for gold and silver in Europe.

Area: 280 km2 (110 sq mi)

Population: 1,908,968 (2012)

Elevation: 1,590 m (5,217 ft)

Time zone: IRDT 21 March – 20 September (UTC+4:30)

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