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French car club ready for the Rally Paris-Persepolis 2016-01-04

President of the Automobile Club de France in a meeting with the Director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Touring & Automobile Club, for participation in the Paris Club announced the holding of Eco Rally

In a meeting at the invitation of the French Automobile Club (ACF) of the Iranian delegation at the club, was held in Paris, A. I., Director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Touring & Automobile Club (TACI) with Robert Pnhard, president of the Automobile Club of France and Patrick Blaine, President of the Automobile Manufacturers Committee of the club, meet and discuss development cooperation with Shkvhtr hold the Eco Rally – Paris Club to discuss pay.During the meeting, Robert Pnhard, with emphasis on the impact of the implementation of the Eco Rally in tourism development with a motor vehicle, the introduction of appropriate capacities in the field of tourism and international attention to the importance of environmental protection, promised to make every effort to encourage Car manufacturer companies to finance the company coordinating the event that GTO is a French company, to apply.He also noted that in order to hold the larger and Shkvhtr Eco Rally Paris – Persepolis, which for the first time in 1971 and was held in collaboration with the Citroen car company, with extensive consultations will try to participating cars Eco Rally Paris Club to increase.Iraji also continue to meet with the head of the French Automobile Club, a report on the planned holding of the ECO Rally Paris-Persepolis offer and said Iran’s institutions in order to cover the costs of organizing the rally have pledged that as soon as final approval of the sponsor GoldenService (Gold Sponsor), and then echo the Rally Paris-Persepolis The exact time will be announced.

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