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Vank Cathedral 2017-03-05

Vank Cathedral

The holy savior cathedral, also known the church of the saintly sisters, is a cathedral located in the New Jolfa district of Isfahan, Iran. It is a commonly referred to as the Vank, which means “monastry” or “convent” in the Armenian language.

The cathedral was established in 1606, dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of Armenian deportees that were resettled by Shah Abbas I during the Ottoman War of 1603-1618.

Vank built between 1648 and 1655 with the encouragement of the Safavid rulers.

The Sumptunous interior is richly decorated with restored wall painting full of life and colour, including gruesome mortyrdoms and pantomime demons.

Other part of the church are including:

– Courtyard

The courtyard contains:

– A large freestanding belfry towering over the graves of both Orthodox and Protestant Christians.

– Graves are also places along the exterior wall before the entrance, with inscriptions in Armenian.

– A tile work plaque inscribed in Armenian (in the entrance to the cathedral)

– A memorial to the 1915 Armenian Genocide in Turkey

– A library and Museum

– And several carved stones showing scenes from the Bible.

– Library and Museum

The library contains over 700 handwritten books and many valuable and unique resources for research in Armenian and medieval European languages and arts.

The museum displays numerous artifacts from the history of the cathedral and the Armenian community in Isfahan.


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