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Vakil Bazaar 2017-03-08

Vakil Bazaar is an ancient shopping complex lying in the center of the historical city of Shiraz. It was constructed back in the 18th century, at the order of Karim Khan Zand, the founder of the Zand Dynasty. The historical market has withstood the test of time, remaining in good shape after several centuries. What makes Vakil Bazaar unique is its ancient architecture. Its vaulted brick structures have been built such a way to keep the interior cool in summer and warm in winter.

Shopping Spree
There are more than 200 stores in the Bazaar, selling everything from handicrafts to hand-woven Persian carpets and antiques. It is an ideal place for going on a shopping spree! Just wander around and enjoy the colorful environment without thinking about the time or direction. There are many beautiful attractions from the picturesque courtyards and caravansaries to ancient bath houses.

Don’t Miss Saray-e Moshir!
Sayray-e Moshir is a must see situated at the end of the Bazaar. It has a very good view with many kinds of souvenirs available. It is also a perfect place to take a rest and have some Faloodeh Shirazi, a sweet cold dessert served with lime juice and sour cherry syrup.

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