Shah Abdol Azim Shrine 2016-01-05

Shah Abdol Azim Shrine

Shah Abdol Azim shrine, also known as shabdolazim, located in Rey, Iran, contains the tomb of “Abdul Adhim ibn Abdillah al-Hasan”.

Abdol Azim was a fifth generation descendant of Hasan ibn Ali and a companion of Muhammad al-Taqi. He was entombed here after his death in 9th century.

Abdol Azim migrated to Rey out of presecution and subsequently died there. Shah Abdol Azim was sent to Reyy by Imam Reza.

The hole construction consists of a portal with a lofty Iwan decorated with mirrors, several courtyards, a golden cupola, two tile minarets, a portico, a sepulcher, and a mosque.

The most historical and portable relic of this holy place, is its costly box which is made of betel-nut wood. on four sides of the precious box, a relief inscription in Nstaliq and Thuluth characters, is carved.

Two antique iron doors which are engraved with Kufic inscriptions are to be found in the treasure – house of the (Astaneh), which seem to be oldest remains of this structure and to belong to the Seljukid period. But, at present, these two doors and the concluding part of their inscriptions bear the date 1538.



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