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Khaju Bridge 2017-03-06

Khaju Bridge is considered as one of the finest constructions and an example of Persian architecture. The bridge is 132-meter long. It also acts as a dam, hence has sluice gate. It provides irrigation water to surrounding areas, through series of water channels. The sluice gate helps a lot to regulate the flow of water.

Khaju Bridge, which is 132 meters long and 20 meters wide, has an interesting structure.

Unlike other bridges, Khaju Bridge has 23 arches, 26 and 21 small and large inlets. The bridge is made of bricks and stones. The stones, used in construction of this bridge, are two meters long.

The aim behind construction of Khaju Bridge was to connect Hassan Abad and Khaju districts to Takht-e Foolad Cemetery and Shiraz road.

The upper level of bridge was used for horse-carts and pedestrians in the past. The octagonal pavilions at center are used for art gallery and teahouse. While the most lower level is also used as pedestrian way or just a shady place to rest. Khaju Bridge was named as world’s ‘multifunctional bridge’ in 2008. It also joined the list of most amazing bridges of world in the same year.

The bridge was renovated in 1873. The bridge is still working.

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