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Chehel sotoun 2017-04-08

Chehel sotoun, Qazvin a Safavid pavilion that stands amid gardens in the central square of the old city and in which the Qazvīn museum is installed.

It was the year 951 AH Shah Tahmasp Safavi, who threatened to transfer the capital from Tabriz to Qazvin to the Ottoman Turks took And it was called the land of Mirza Sharaf Jahan, one of the elders and the trusted colleagues Zngyabad City for construction of royal buildings purchased Shah Tahmasp ordered the country’s best architects to build a garden in the square And among the great mansion, hall, porch and pool are so beautiful. The starting point was that with the entrance pavilion on Ali Qapu only remaining buildings from the Safavid era in Qazvin are the gardens. Now after many years, the palace of Chehel or pavilion of the most valuable monuments of Qazvin, Qazvin capital of the Safavid period and memorabilia from the Safavid period is considered.

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