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Cantor Church 2017-04-08

This church called the bell tower is a collection made during the occupation of Iran. In the world war II, by Russian in Qazvin city. In constitutional time an area called Cantor was dedicated to Russians where they had settled their offices. The church was built by a Russian Road construction company in this area.

Like other churches it has cruciform plan. The materials used in this building are, bricks and mortar. The bricks are arranged artistically; as a result a very beautiful building is obtained.

The church entrance is in the west side and it consists of entrance space with a sleep roof and a door, after this you can see the hall space, which belfry with 11m height can be seen above of it. Hall is included of altar and chapel. On both sides two rectangular spaces are designed. The altar area is like a semi-circular, and there is a dome over it.

The chapel area has a dome. The exterior view of the church, beautiful decorative columns appear. The architecture plan of the church is an irregular polygon, covered with glazed red brick and has a very nice view. The particular shape of church has a different place among other Qazvin`s historical monuments.

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