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Arg of Karim Khan 2017-03-08

Arg of Karim Khan, the citadel built by the Zand ruler Karīm Khan  at his capital Shiraz, lay to the northwest of the old town, not far from the Bāḡ-e Šāh gate and at the intersection of the Darb-e Šāhzāda and Maydān-e Šāh quarters. Today it is bounded by Nāṣer-e Ḵosrow Avenue (north), Šāhpūr Avenue (east), Karīm Ḵān-e Zand Avenue (south), and Šahrdārī Avenue (west). (See Plate VII).

Architecturally the Arg is a large and lofty, rectangular building, originally surrounded by a moat said to be as broad and deep as the moat on the edge of the city. At each of the four corners are round towers in the form of truncated cones; these are 15 m high. The building measures 124.8 m (120 gaz) from east to west and 93.6m (90 gaz) from north to south (1 gaz of Shiraz = 104 centimeters). The outer walls are 12 m high, and the only entrance is in the middle of the east wall, behind which are corridors, guardrooms, and the ḥammām (bath). The rectangular courtyard inside measures 93.6 m by 72.8 m (90 x 70 gaz); it contains two pools and a garden. In the middle of the north, west, and south sides of the courtyard are three big ayvāns, each fronted by two tall stone pillars. Flanking each ayvān are halls, large three-doored rooms, and stairways leading to small rooms and ayvāns on the floor above. At each of the four corners of the citadel there is a small private yard giving access to the adjacent fortifications and rooms.

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