Iran Highlights and Nomads 409-1

A journey to the history with a break to visit Ghashgahee nomads, with their pure, rich and amazing culture and life style

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  • DAY 1 Welcome to Tehran

    Persia Tourism’s tour director welcomes you in Imam Khomeini International Airport.
    After meet and greet, you will be transferred to your hotel.

  • DAY 2 Saad Abad Palace, Carpet Museum, National Museum

    Morning you visit Saad Abad Palace, one of the palaces belong to Pahlavis before Islamic Revolution.
    Carpet Museum, which showcases some of the most beautiful and world famous fine Hand-weaved Persian Carpets is your next stop.
    Then you visit National Museum called “Iran Bastan”, the largest museum of Iran with a rich pre- and post-Islam archaeological & art collections.
    Afterward if there is enough time, you will be transferred to Grand Bazaar of Tehran, to stroll in the buzziest marketplace of Iran, enjoy the atmosphere & possibly buy some local stuffs.
    Evening transfer to Airport to fly to Shiraz.

  • DAY 3 Persepolis, Naghsh-e Rostam Necropolis, Hafez Tomb, Mausoleum

    Not far from Persepolis, you will visit Naqsh-e Rostam Necropolis, the rock reliefs and rock tombs of the Achaemenid and Sassanid’s famous emperors.
    Afternoon in Shiraz you visit the Tomb of Hafez, the world famous Iranian poet, whose masterpiece Divan inspired German poem Goethe versify the “West-Eastern Divan” in 1814. The last visit will be either “Ali Ebn-e Hamzeh” or “Shah Cheragh” magnificent mausoleum, with the dazzling mirror mosaics art.
    start the sightseeing with a half-day excursion to the very impressive UNESCO World Heritage site of Takht-e Jamshid or as Greek historian, Herodotus called it, Persepolis. Visit the imposing ruins of the 2500 years old Achaemenid ceremonial capital, which is burnt and almost destructed by Alexander. Numerous gates, stairs, reliefs, halls and also a treasure house which used to protect the Achaemenid Empire’s legendary treasures are to be sighted.

  • DAY 4 Pink Mosque, Narenjestan, Eram Garden, Hafez Tomb, Vakil Bazaar

    Morning you will continue sightseeing in Shiraz starting with the Pink (Nasir-ol Molk) Mosque, famous for its fine and colorful ceramics & windows and then Narenjestan Garden Residence. Afterward visit the UNESCO World Heritage Eram Garden, a nice sample of Persian Gardens & today the botanical museum of Shiraz.
    Next spot will be Saadi Tomb, world famous Iranian poet, whose poems have been translated in many languages and published in many countries.
    At the end you can stroll in the covered Vakil Bazaar with colorful handicrafts and antique outlets.

  • DAY 5 Nomads

    Today is a different day in the whole trip as the cultural highlight of your tour, because you visit a unique Nomads lifestyle. Early morning depart to Ghashghaie Nomads summer camp through the scenic road of Yasuj.
    Before you arrive to the camp, there will be a picnic lunch by a beautiful waterfall. Then continue the way to reach to destination before sunset to enjoy the scenic pathway and villages on the way. Dinner will be served in the Nomad’s camp.

  • DAY 6 Nomads

    Continuing the cultural highlight of the trip, morning you have time to stroll in the camp, see the current life of nomads and buy some souvenirs and local products before leaving the camp.
    Lunch will be served in nature again. Then depart to Isfahan.
    Optional Visits: Felt- & Kilim-making workshops in local houses, horse training center and horse riding.

  • DAY 7 Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Imam Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace, Sheikh Lotfollah, Vank Cathedral

    The most glorious monument at this square is Imam Mosque which stands elate for more than 400 years. Also there is another special mosque, called Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque (or women mosque) which has a unique concept among all other mosques in the country, the only mosque without minaret and yard. The other monument here is 5 story Aali Qapu Palace with a unique decoration, from its wide terrace the Safavid king would observed the Polo matches and other performances in the square. Charming Qeysariyeh Bazaar is the last but not the least part that you are going to visit at the square.
    Then you proceed to the picturesque historical bridges, “Khajou” and “Si-o-Se Pol” (33-Arches bridge) with an interesting break in a traditional tea house under the bridge arches.
    Be prepared for a perfect day by charming sites you are going to visit. It will be very nice to start with a visit to a Christian cathedral with beautiful wall paintings. Vank Cathedral is just in the heart of the "City of Mosques". If you are not too absorbed to spend all of your time in the main hall, you can also visit the Armenian Museum at the other side of the yard.
    Then you will be guided to Chehel Sotoun Palace (forty columns). Wonderful is not enough to describe this palace of Safavid Dynasty, especially with its numerous huge and history-telling wall-paintings, through which you can have a rough image of the Safavid era.
    After that is the most brilliant and world famous attraction of the city, or better to say, of the whole country, the UNESCO World Heritage Naghsh-e Jahan Square (Image of the World) which stands with its two spectacular mosques & the palace as well as the Qeysariyeh majestic Bazaar.

  • DAY 8 Isfahan Friday Mosque, Sufi Shrine, Boroujerdis’ Traditional Residence

    Before leaving Isfahan to Tehran (420 Km), you will visit UNESCO World Heritage Isfahan Friday Mosque. A live gallery of typical Iranian Islamic architecture and decoration is awaiting you in this mosque as it's developed and expanded throughout the different centuries and during various dynasties.
    En route you visit Friday Mosque and Sufi Shrine in Natanz old town. The mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Iran.
    Then continue the road to Kashan to visit a historical & traditional residence, called Boroujerdis’ Residence with very beautiful and stunning architecture.
    Upon arrival to Tehran transfer to hotel.

  • DAY 9 Golestan Palace, Glass Museum, Crown Jewelry Museum, Bound for home

    Morning visit UNESCO World Heritage Golestan Palace, Tehran’s first royal complex, with some parts dated back to 500 years ago.
    Next is Glass & Ceramic Museum, which building is also an attraction that used to be as Iran’s Prime Minister Residence.
    After lunch visit Crown Jewelry Museum of Iran. Prosperity and royal wealth will be presented in World's largest collection of jewels with numerous radiant gemmed thrones, royal crowns, swords, etc. The largest rose-colored diamonds in the world, called twinning of the UK Princess’ crown jewel is also presented there.
    Afterward will be a chill out walking and tea stop in north of Tehran.
    Special program for you at the end of your tour is visiting an Iranian Family at their home to talk about their lifestyle and get answer to some of your questions about Iranians today’s life and traditions. At the end we would like to have you in a friendly circle as a Farewell Dinner in a traditional restaurant (Individuals less than 6 persons may have dinner by Iranian family at their home.)
    Before midnight transfer to IKA Airport for flight back to home with a full pack of memorable moments and nice pictures to show to your family and friends.
    End of Program!
    Oh wait! Just compare the image you have now after this trip and the image before visiting this wonderful land. You have many nice stories to share with your friends and relatives now. We bet! 