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  • Iran Attractive Among US Travelers January 6, 2016

    According to a report published online on the LA Times website, Iran’s rising appeal among US travelers has prompted several tour operators to offer Iran tours. The paper claims visiting Iran is easier than visiting Cuba, “in terms of US government red tape.” Pointing to Iran’s plethora of historic towers, mosques and squares, the report singles out Isfahan, Shiraz and Persepolis, which “holds some of the most striking pre-Christian ruins outside of Egypt and Peru” as must-see places. The appeal of the aforementioned destinations is enhanced by their safe distance […]

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  • Tourist Taxis in Yazd

    Masoud Soltanifar, the head of the Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, inaugurated the scheme. Currently 18 tourist taxis, distinguished by the letters YTT (Yazd Tourist Taxi) on the sides, ply the streets of the ancient city. Drivers are supposed to have at least a working knowledge of the English language, Financial Tribune reported. “Tour guides and drivers must attend and successfully complete English language courses before they’re given work permits,” Mohammad Mehdi Sherafat, head of the provincial wing of ICHHTO, was quoted as saying by YJC. For easy […]

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  • Top UNESCO Award Goes to Sar Yazd Citadel

    Top UNESCO Award Goes to Sar Yazd Citadel At the ceremony which was held in Sar Yad village Majid Sar Yazdi was hailed for his investment in the historical and cultural complex. UNESCO representative in Iran Ms. Kuisch-Laroche said this is the third UNESCO prize which is awarded to Yazd for the repair works of its monuments. She said previously the Zargar Yazdi House was awarded in 2003 and Robat Zeineddin Mehriz in 2004. She further remarked that Yazd by receiving the third prize is the most honorable province in […]

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  • French car club ready for the Rally Paris-Persepolis January 4, 2016

    President of the Automobile Club de France in a meeting with the Director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Touring & Automobile Club, for participation in the Paris Club announced the holding of Eco Rally In a meeting at the invitation of the French Automobile Club (ACF) of the Iranian delegation at the club, was held in Paris, A. I., Director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Touring & Automobile Club (TACI) with Robert Pnhard, president of the Automobile Club of France and Patrick Blaine, President of the Automobile Manufacturers […]

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