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Visa is the main concern of everybody who want to visit Iran. However it is not an issue to get Iran visa and it wouldn’t be an obstacle at all to visit the wonderful country of Iran.

PTG team is one of the licensed tour operators in Iran who are able to apply visa for all nationalities, even for those without Iranian embassy/consular section in their country. There is only one exception. You guess which one it is!? No, it’s not US or UK. Make better guess!

  1. How to obtain Iran Visa?
    Very easily.
    It’s as easy as below:
  1. You email your request with your passport picture to
  2. You send us back the visa application form that we send to your email upon receiving your request and passport picture. You choose the Iranian Consular Section (ICS) from which you like to collect your visa label sticker.
  3. We email you the reference number (Ref.#) in about 1 week.
  4. You or your travel agent go to your previously specified Iranian Consular Section (ICS) with your passport, visa fee and Ref.# that you received from us.
  5. You collect your visa sticker soon according to the date specified by Iranian Consular Section (ICS).
  6. Pack your luggage and travel to the land of Persian Empires. That’s all for visa, however it’s the beginning of your wonderful journey to the crossroad of civilization, land of 4seasons, ethnic diversity and very rich culture and nature.


  1. Is there any restrictions for US or UK citizens?
  2. No. US and UK citizens can also get Iran Visa easily. The only difference is that US, UK and Canada Citizens must travel to Iran via a travel agent/tour operator in Iran through a packaged tour (individually or by a group), stay in hotels and have Iranian tour guide during their stay.
  1. How much does it cost to get Iran Visa?
  2. It varies depending on your nationality. We can inform you upon your request.
  1. I have Israel visa stamp on my passport. Can I get Iran Visa?
  2. Yes if you apply Iran visa more than 1 year after your trip to “Occupied Palestine”, however it’s not as sure as if you would not have that stamp.

Have more questions? Drop us an email:

Hope to see you and serve you soon!

PTG proffessiobal team.

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